Flash Drive - 5.0ltr V8 Ford Mustang

Like all Flash-Drives, my time spent in the V8 Mustang was all too brief, but my most prominent memory of those fleeting 20-minutes was the maniacal grin that was affixed to my face as I flung this motoring legend around the Hill Route course at Millbrook.

As soon as you sit in the big seat it feels heavy and muscular - it made me smile, a lot! Although I’m going to say that the Mustang felt heavy, I don’t mean that in a lumbering giant kind of way, more of a secure, solid and steadfast way.  Fire up the 5ltr V8 and you’re rewarded with a traditional and pleasing burble from the exhausts, blip the throttle and the car sways from side to side - mwahaha…

Although it’s well proportioned, the Mustang is a big car and I did expect it to be a bit of a handful, but it wasn’t.  The steering became light, yet responsive and the traction control system kept everything in control.  Heavy braking wasn’t an issue either as slowing it down always felt strong and consistent.

The Mustang is another car I really want to spend more time with and get to know a bit better.