Ford Edge ST-Line 2.0 TDCi AWD

‘Upscale every drive’ reads the slogan on Ford’s website for the Edge. Now, I know it’s just a marketing buzz phrase, but it got me thinking.  I wanted a AWD vehicle to take Muddy Madam and I on a few specific journeys, and upscaling the experience is just what I had in mind.

On the road

As soon as the Edge was dropped off it was put straight to work as Muddy Madam and I hit the M6 for a 240 mile round trip to Loughborough - and that was one of its shorter journeys.  You see, we had a fair few events to attend that week, which is why I wanted to borrow a premium SUV as opposed to pick-up, or the like.  

We had high-end ST-Line model with the 210PS, 2.0-litre diesel engine and 6 speed auto, and with just over 500 miles covered in a couple of days, mainly motorway, dual carriage ways and fast Welsh B roads, the Edge was simply sublime.  It was comfortable, quiet and easy to drive, with speed bumps and child sized potholes being hardly noticeable.  A  4-1/2  hour drive from Nottingham to Pwllheli?  Easy. 

When it comes to fuel consumption, official figures claim that the Edge should achieve around 48mpg during a combined cycle, and after a lot of motorway and dual carriage way runs I was getting not far from that figure, around 45mpg.

I wanted to write more about the 6 speed powerShift auto ‘box, but as it was fairly unnoticeable, so I guess it did it’s job!

Around the narrower twisty roads I have to admit that it felt a bit awkward, not sure if that’s to do with its sheer size and weight, but I got the impression it would rather I didn’t drive them in a spirited manner!  Don’t get me wrong, it was fun, and the intelligent all-wheel drive system and sport mode did give me the confidence, but it didn’t feel comfortable. It felt a bit like working out at the gym whilst wearing a pair of comfortable brogues.

Other than that, the only problem I had with the Edge at this point were the headlights, their beam is wide enough alright, but they don’t offer much in the way of distance.  During the aforementioned trip to Wales, the lack of illumination on unlit mountain roads took a lot of the enjoyment out of it.  If I was to buy one, an extra set of driving lamps would be first on the accessory list.

Off the road

I mean look at it, it’s no off-roader is it?  Of course this didn’t stop me from venturing off the beaten track a couple of times.

I drove a few green lanes that in truth wouldn’t worry a Fiesta, and its modest ground clearance proved useful during my usual balancing act. 

The week previous saw an awful lot of snow fall, but by the time the Edge arrived at Muddy Towers most of it had washed away, which was a shame as it would’ve been fun to play in.

Of course tyres still make’th the off-roader and the Edge was shod with road tyres so I really didn’t want to take it too far off the beaten track as the week before I’d got a Jeep Wrangler totally stuck on a wet field with a slight incline!

There was a short diversion onto a beach with soft sand, and at one point I could feel the revs die as it began to sink, but the auto box and AWD system took control and got us out with ease.


From the outside you think, yeah, it’s a big car.  On the inside however you think wow, it’s a huge car!  The Edge is a good size family car with plenty of generous cubby holes for everyone to fill.

Up front both the driver and passenger are cosseted with comfy and supportive seats, and rear seat passengers have it good, too. 

The rear is huge, it swallowed a plastic folding box full of camping gear, the FirePod pizza oven, canister of gas, the Horizon Box Bundle, a suitcase, pair of slippers and a few other bits and pieces without even having to lower the rear seats.  It’s cavernous inside. If I’d organised myself better I could’ve fit even more stuff in.  And of course, the hands-free powered tailgate is always a bonus!

Although the interior of the Edge is a lovely place to be, it’s also where it gains the most of its negative press.  For those of you with a large family, you may be disappointed to hear that the Edge is only a 5 seater with no 7 seat option.  However, for some of us that’s a plus, as it makes the Edge a genuinely roomy car for 5 adults and their luggage.

Electronic gubbins include pretty much everything you expect from a car of this statue, there’s an 8” colour touchscreen that is simple to use and allows control of the sat nav, DAB radio and CD player, climate control and other systems. Of course you’ll find Bluetooth, USB, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto connectivity and advanced voice control.

Other useful features include keyless entry and start, auto lights and wipers, front and rear parking sensors, rear view camera, cruise control, multi-function steering wheel and dual-zone climate control along with heated front seats. 


What a wonderful car it is, I think Ford have done a great job making the Edge conservatively handsome with smooth, cruiser-like road manners.

At the end of the week I only had 2 moans.  The first would be sorted at the next service, and that was the sat-nav gave up the ghost twice whilst driving through the middle of Stoke, the exact same spot funnily enough.  I’ve already mentioned my second - the poor headlights.

Overall, I really enjoyed driving the Edge, despite its few niggles, and the great news is that early 2019 Ford are bringing out an all-new Edge, so prices of this model should take a dip and therefore I would hope there are some good deals to be had!

Price: From £35,510
Price of car, with extras; £45,370