Flash Drive - Range Rover Velar HSE D240

By now I reckon that everyone will know what the Velar is, though not necessarily where it stands in the Range Rover stable.  It sits inbetween the Evoque and the Range Rover Sport, and if I said that it’s based on the Jaguar F-Pace platform that should give you an idea of its size.

As someone who’s driven a lot of green ovals, both old and new, the Velar is very much the same as all modern Land Rovers, classy, comfortable, quiet and capable both on and off the road, well I’ll just assume the latter for the time being.  The Velar is the vessel I’d choose if I wanted to be shuttled across Europe by road, as on our 20 minute jaunt, along smooth and undulating country lanes, it was wonderfully quiet and poised.

Although its roofline is a lot lower than you think, the seating position seems more elevated than its F-Pace sibling, which could be because the Velar has retained its Range Rover DNA with tall glass and an open-plan interior.

Engine wise you have options of both petrol and diesel with the 2ltr diesel in both 180bhp and 240bhp outputs, and a 2ltr petrol that churns out both 250bhp and 300bhp.  Fancy a V6 instead?  No problem, there’s a 300bhp diesel and a petrol supercharged with 380bhp. The badging is easy: P or D for the fuel, then numbers for the power output.

Inside the Velar is nothing short of spectacular, it’s so minimalist and clean it feels very classy, though it’s not without its problems.  Personally I feel that the screens can be distracting whilst driving, maybe I’m getting old, but really, what’s wrong with proper buttons and dials?  

With a starting price of £44,575, all models come with four-wheel drive and Land Rover’s Terrain Response system - naturally, and of course the Ingenium 4-cylinder engines and coil suspension. Higher spec’d Velars have air-suspension and more goodies, obviously.

It’s a stunning car, no matter which angle you look at it from, it’s clean and remarkably sleek, Muddy Madam commented that it looks like it’s had it’s skin pulled tight!  There’s also a lot of technology within the Velar with reconfigurable instruments, and other bits, none of which I had chance to play with, I’ll just have to wait till I get one on a weeks loan to have a proper play.