The Mud Life is all about 4x4s, and enjoying the great British outdoors.

We review new and old 4x4s, some 2 wheel drive vehicles, and play with, ahem review, camping equipment, 4x4 accessories, clothing, tools, BBQs and whatever else that we think will interest you.  When modern life allows, we head out and about, and share our great photographs and witty tales in the Having Fun and Our Garage sections. 


Damian Turner

At the time of writing I’m on the wrong side of forty and have an unhealthy interest in all things 4x4’s and being outdoors. Over the years I’ve written for various magazine titles such as Land Rover Monthly, Difflock magazine, 4x4 Mart, Land Rover World and both Practical Caravan and Practical Motorhome magazines.  Then there’s the selection of club mags, AWDC (All Wheel Drive Club), and the Range Rover Register to name a few.

Like most blokes, I grew up with a fascination for cars, but it was whilst watching Lee Majors in the American TV show ‘The Fall Guy’ that I became interested in 4x4’s.  At the time the UK didn’t have a 4x4 mag, so I bought 4Wheeler, an American magazine that introduced me to Jeeps, Chevys and Fords and of course monster trucks.  In 1982 we had our first UK 4x4 mag, ‘Overlander 4x4’ which then went on to become ‘Off Road and Four Wheel’, and from then on I was hooked on Land Rover’s. 

Over the years I’ve had a selection of V8 saloons, but I always go back to 4x4’s.  My first was a 1976 Land Rover Series 3 109, then a Lightweight, a 1974 Range Rover which turned into a 90 Hybrid. Then I went to a Toyota Surf, a V6 Shogun, 1955 Series 1 Land Rover and a 300Tdi Discovery. Our current 4x4, when we’re not driving press cars, is a 1996 Toyota Surf, and you can read all about our exploits in ‘Our Garage’ section.

What you really need to know about me:

My dream car - Range Rover, or a basic soft top 90, or a coil sprung Lightweight, or...

My favourite food - Meat!

I'm a qualified counsellor, hypno-psychotherapist, cognitive behavioural therapist, counselling supervisor and youth worker.

I love driving, no matter what the weather.

I'm a world class procrastinator.

I can be easily distracted...

Karen Lee Turner - A.K.A. The Muddy Madam

Not mine, but I have hope.

I am the long suffering wife of the above Mr. Turner. I can't really complain about my Life of Mud, 4x4s and general outdoorishness, as Damian, on one of our earliest dates, took me on a trip to halfway up a hill in the middle of the Lancashire moors to watch our local Land Rover club's CCV trial. He is such a romantic, how could I resist!

I'm not so much a vehicle nut as my other half, but I have spent all my life in the retail business (I was selling socks and tights in my mum's shop when I was 5 years old, and have my own retail business), so I know the difference between a good and bad product, and I like to tell people what I really think, so I'm the perfect product reviewer. I also like wandering around shows and events, so I like to put my twopenn'orth on that front too.

What you really need to know about me:

I AM the 'One and Only!

My dream car - Bentley Continental (in metallic Cadburys purple)

My dream life - Ruler of the known (& unknown) universe

Favourite food combination - Pizza & pickled Red Cabbage (yummy)

I'm a smidge under 6 foot tall

I have my B.A.G.A. 1 badge in gymnastics

I was invited to Downing Street in 2013 as one of the 100 best and brightest small business owners in the UK

I love Sci-Fi, especially Babylon 5

I think cats and dogs are equals as pets, but I'm not sure what hamsters bring to the world except big fluffy cheeks

I dressed up as Xena Princess Warrior for my wedding reception


Malcolm - a.k.a. The Shadow Warrior    

(😢R.I.P. 1992-ish - 2017)

Malcolm may not actually have contributed any written words to The Mud Life, but he did have an important role in keeping us both sane when we occasionally have a stressed out moment or two.

He had really thick fur (we reckon he had Transylvanian wolf blood somewhere in his gene pool) that kept him constantly toasty warm, but he was a total wuss when it came to going out in the cold, and he had Spidey-sense about whether it was going to rain or not; honestly he was better than the Met office!

He used to spend a good 8 months of the year in almost hibernation mode on the couch or the bed, and Muddy Madam's legs were his preferred snoozing spot, which made him the best hot water bottle in the world! He is missed 😢

Thanks for reading,

Damian & Karen Lee