2015 Footman James Classic Car Show, Manchester

The Footman James Classic Car Show that’s held at Event City in Manchester is now a permanent fixture in my diary.  It maybe smaller than the Classic Car Show at the NEC, but what I like about the Manchester version is that it’s local, there’s no messing around for hours on the M6 amidst stop start traffic, and yet it still has a huge amount of vehicles and clubs that want to attend.

This year's show was a cracker. Walking around the many club stands made me realise 2 things, the first was that I didn’t realise there was so many different clubs out there, especially in the North West. and secondly, I’m older than I think.  Seriously, I was looking over the Reliant SS1 stand and chuckled to myself that it was only a few years ago when my Dad was going to by one.  No, that was in fact 32 years ago!

Amongst the traders section was Jay Allum from Obsession Wax selling his wares.  After discussing his products and The Mud Life website he kindly gave me a sample pot to try.


This years show seemed busier than ever, bustling with enthusiasts of all ages, it really was nice to see teenagers using their phones to take selfies with these old classics, it gives me confidence that one day they’ll keep the flame burning.

Outside, 3 times a day there’s live rally action with a selection Group B Rally cars that are flung around a small yet technical course, this is a huge attraction.

I could go into all manner of details, which clubs are there, who’s selling what, but instead I’ll stop writing and let the photos do the talking.  

Suffice to say, if you’re free next 17th - 18th September, come along, you won’t be disappointed!