Buff Unisex Military Cap


You may have come across Spanish company Buff before - makers of the original namesake, a tube scarf/headwear combo. Nowadays Buff is the company and they are a trendy lifestyle and activewear accessories brand that not only makes Buffs, but also makes hats for all weathers.

Apart from being called Buff Military Cap, because of its higher shaped crown is similar to the caps worn by some armies, there isn't anything else military about it, though it does have some nice features. The fabric has a UPF 50+ sun rating which is the highest given to clothing (meaning it has 98% UV protection), its lightweight, weighing in at only 2.47oz, and has an inner sweat band to help wick away moisture.

If, like me, you have a head that doesn't really suit the more traditional rounded cap shape then this is a more stylish alternative. The higher crown makes it look more like a fashion item than a boring practical cap, but for me the colours let the fashion side down. For 2018 the hat comes in 2 colours: a muted purple/lilac aimed at women, and dark moss green aimed at men (though you can still get a couple of other equally 'meh' colours). I love that buff has a quite vibrant colour range in their Buffs, but I feel they are missing out not giving these fun caps a little more colour. I like that there is a pattern on the fabric, except for the horizontal headband, but again, for me personally, it is all a bit too subtle.

Curiously they have embroidered 2 circles on each side of the hat, and I expected them to be air circulation holes, but on closer inspection the holes haven't been opened, so unless you get a toothpick or a small pair of scissors and open them yourself, then they are merely for decoration purposes only.

There are 2 sizes to choose from, and you do need to measure your head as there is no size adjustment with this shape.

However, it's made from stretchable fabric, and has an elastic headband which allows for a bit of stretch creating a flexible, comfortable fit.

The front peak is fairly rigid so it isn't fully flexible when it comes to packing, but the rest of the hat is totally squashable, so as long as you have space enough to accommodate the peak you are good to go. The other thing to note is that it doesn't have a hook or loop on it, so you can't easily attach it to your backpack if you want it within easy reach.

My verdict is this is a good hat for a day out'n'about, or for taking on tourist type holidays, but it doesn't have the technical wherewithall to make it the hat I'd pick for a long hiking session.

  • Colours: Aser Purple Lilac &Checkboard Moss

  • Sizes: : S/M - 55.5cm and M/L - 57.5cm

  • Weighs: 2.47oz / 70g

  • Material: Crown and brim - 90% Polyester 10% Elastane, Inner sweatband - 100% Polyester

Website: www.buffwear.com

RRP: £27.25