The Great British Porridge Company

So there we were, meandering around the Food Expo at the NEC, more specifically, The Great British Porridge Co stand, when a voice chirped up at the side of me “Excuse me, would you like to try some porridge?”

Now, I wouldn’t say that I’m a porridge aficionado, but I eat a bowl full of it every morning for breakfast, so of course I obliged.

As I was tucking in, the young chap explained that their instant porridge is crammed with over 50% fruit, nuts and seeds, then, lovingly mixed with British wholegrain oats. 

“Where?”  I asked, thinking I’d catch him out.
“We make them in small batches in Sussex, and all of our ingredients are completely natural and ethically sourced.”  he replied.

Now, as someone who eats and drinks full fat everything, I was more than surprised at how tasty my sample was, especially considering that it is gluten free, sugar free, dairy free and vegan.

I was then given 3 samples in 55g packets to take away and try - blueberry & banana, strawberry & peanut butter and goji berry & pumpkin seeds.

Although they all tasted good, I think the strawberry and peanut butter was my favourite. 

A normal sized packet of their porridge is 385g which is 7 servings, and they also do a taster pack with all 3 flavours so that you can find your favourite. I don’t know if they sell them separately (if they don't, they should), but I found their 55g sample packets perfect for camping, especially during those mornings when you don’t fancy making, or don’t have the time, for a full fry-up.  

Making it couldn’t be easier - simply boil 100ml of water then add the porridge and stir for 30 seconds, then leave it for another 30 seconds and there you have it, a healthy and tasty breakfast.

Price:  £4.99 per 385g packet