Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set

After a month of full on use I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Stanley’s Adventure Camp Cook Set is one the best value for money pieces of kit I have.

If you look through our product review section you will see a lot of expensive gear, and generally they’re expensive for a good reason - quality.  This cooking set comes in below the £20 mark, so it's a refreshing relief for the budget minded.

So what is it? 

Basically it’s a cooking pot with two cups inside.  Ok, it’s a bit more than that, but not much.  Remove the vented lid and inside you get two small BPA free insulated cups that are quite thick and robust.  Although they’re comfortable to hold and drink from, they only hold around 250ml each, so aren’t the largest.  I’ve read elsewhere that some people replace them with a single stainless cup and the saved space allows them to store a hiking stove, utensils, fire starters etc, all inside the pot. 

Measurements are stamped into the side of the pot, in both ounces (8, 12, 16, 20 oz) and millilitres (237, 355, 473, 591ml), which takes most of the guess work out of preparing freeze dried backpacker type meals or hot drinks. 

The handle is long enough to offer a good grip and locks into place which makes it safe when pouring hot liquid. It also extends long enough outwards so not to get caught by flames if your fire is a bit on the ferocious side.

It can be used over an open fire (sitting on a piece of metal mesh), on a gas burner or alcohol stove, and the only only piece of plastic, apart from the cups, is the handle tag on the lid that locks upright enabling ease of use.

If I’m preparing food I’ll usually cook everything in the pot and eat straight from it, which eliminates the need for carrying an extra bowl (I'm lazy), but just remember that this is made from 18/8 stainless steel, which is great as it won't rust, but if you have metal cutlery you may get that nasty scraping shudder down your spine, so I would recommend getting yourself a bamboo or plastic spork to ease the pain.

Once you’re done, simply put everything back in the pot, replace the lid and swivel the handle over the lid which then locks into place, securing everything inside.

Have I mentioned Stanley’s lifetime warranty? 

No?  Well it has one. Bonus!

Overall I couldn’t be happier with this pot, it’s a really simple bit of kit, the quality and finish are great, and as I said earlier, for just less than £20 I reckon it’s a real bargain!


  • Dimensions: 4.33L x 4.02W x 5.83H in
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 18/8 Stainless Steel
  • Nesting system
  • Locking handle
  • Two nesting 10oz/295mL insulated cups included
  • BPA-free

Price:  £18-20