Firepod BBQ & Griddle

Last year you may remember that I reviewed the Firepod, a fantastic portable oven in which to cook pizzas, and since then we’ve cooked plenty of homemade and bought in pizzas, either at home at Muddy Towers, or out and about, like on top of the Great Orme, Llandudno.

In the review, somewhere near the bottom, I listed quite a few options and accessories that were available, and one in particular that I’ve been using for the last 4 months or so is the BBQ & Griddle.  Actually, how I should describe it is the heavy duty BBQ & Griddle set because, damn, it’s a solid piece of kit!

In practice, the cast iron skillet and griddle fits neatly into the same slots as the pizza stones, and heats up super quick.  The team at Firepod have sat down and really thought things through, as the skillet and griddle has double-sided stainless steel handles which, using heat-resistant gloves, you can lift it out to take to the table or drain the fat trough, if required, they can also double up as a stand. 

Along with the griddle, Firepod also give you a complete set of BBQ tools in a smart metal case that include a fork, tongs, spatula, scraper, brush and a bloomin’ sharp knife. They’re all secured with velcro straps so they remain neat and safe.

Over the last few months I’ve really explored the flexibility of the Firepod; in the evening Muddy Madam and I enjoyed some great tasting pizzas using the pizza stones, in the morning popped on the the smooth side of the griddle to create a great full English breakfast, and later on flipped it over to reveal the BBQ style ridged griddle plate, so we could sear our steaks and burgers to striped perfection - awesome!

If you’re going to treat yourself to a Firepod, I would highly recommend to tick the BBQ & Griddle option as it makes the Firepod so much more fun, practical and versatile.

Price:  £125.00