Pinewood Anti-Mosquito Hat

This hat is mainly aimed at men, but I liked it so much when it arrived at Muddy HQ that I claimed it for myself. I really like this hat from the Swedish company Pinewood, and it has some great qualities that other hats don't have, like the mosquito net that is easily be hidden away inside the top of the hat, ready for those bug filled times when you really do need it.

In Britain mosquito nets aren't the most neccessary of accessories as we don't really get eaten by mosquitoes (though if global warming carries on you never know), but the net will also fend off those most evil of all bugs, the Scottish midges.

If you are heading off to those hot countries where disease-laden bitey creatures abound you may want to get one of these, as it's simple to wear long sleeves and trousers to protect your skin from attack, but being able to protect your face when you are trekking about is hard to do. Repellant is good, but if you definitely want to keep them far away from your juicy mush, a net is a strong defence.

I couldn't fault the hat when I took it to Morocco in summer, it kept the sun off my face, whilst being comfortable and cool enough in sweltering heat.

The circle stitching on the slightly padded brim help keeps the shape so there isn't any flopping. It has 4 vents in the top to help keep your head cool by allowing air to circulate, and there is an elastic cord built in to allow you to adjust the size. As the mosquito net is removable, if you don't need it you can leave it at home, which is what I did most of the time.

It also has water/dirt-repellent impregnation which makes it a practical choice if you are out and about in changeable weather conditions.

This has become my go to hat at any hint of sun, and it has become the perfect dog walking wear during the last few months.

Colours: Dark Olive Green, Mid Green, Light Khaki & Black - (The one I tested was classed as Light Khaki, but I think it looks more like a dark sand colour)

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Technical Bits

  • Made in TC-1200™ material treated with Bionic Finish® Eco for extra water and dirt repellent properties.
  • Net 100% polyester.


Price: £40