Buff Infinity Scarf

I've come across Buff before, and actually have a couple of tubular neck, promotional buffs that I was given when I went on a Gerber press day, so I know that they are well made, and pretty funky, but I'm not usually one to wear scarves, unless it's freezing cold, so when I was offered a couple of these cotton continuous loop (hence the name Infinity), to review I thought I can only give them a go.

First of all, I can't actually wear most wool products as they irritate my skin, so these being made from natural cotton fibres was a plus point. The feel is like very soft t-shirt material, and as it has no seams at all so there is nothing to rub your neck.

It is designed to wick away moisture in an efficient and fast way, so it is brilliant for hot countries. I took the cream one to Morocco with me, to see what it was like.

I wanted it for sun protection when wandering about (it has an SPF of 20), and also because Morrocco is a muslim country,  and I'd read that covering the hair is a respectful thing to do outside the confines of a hotel complex. As it's got such a long loop and a 65cm width, it is easy to wear as a head covering.

Like other Buff products which have a variety of wear styles, the Infinity is no different. I wish I'd had it a couple of years back when I went to Italy, as in many churches you can't go in with uncovered shoulders, which meant lugging a cardigan everywhere, but with the versatility of this one scarf I would have only needed this round my neck as you can also covert it to a makeshift shrug. Oh, and you can also make it into a mini sarong too!! 

Take a look at this short video that will show how to do all the different styling:

It's 58cm long so looping it around twice is easy and gives a natural fall. I wear it in all weathers, and have used it in winter, and I actually found it warmer that a knitted scarf. You can actually loop it 3 times (just), though you end up feeling like you are one of those African tribeswomen who wear brass rings to lengthen their necks, but it's brilliant at letting no cold air in. 

You can buy them in a variety of colours and patterns, and I thoroughly recommend doing so, as the Buff Infinity Scarf is one of the favourite items I've ever had to review.

Website: www.buff.com/gb

RRP: from £18.10 depending on pattern & material