Rocknife Ceramic Knife

We have a lot of knives here at Muddy Towers, not only do they vary in sizes, but sharpness too, and for the main part we’ve been very happy with them all.  However, it wasn’t until Damian from Rocknife kindly gave us a sample of his Ceramic kitchen knife did we truly realise what ‘sharpness’ actually was.

As a rule I only write product reviews after a good month or so of testing as that’s how long it normally takes me to get a feel for their foibles, but after only a week of daily use I can honestly say I’m sold on the Rocknife.

I could write chapters about Damian’s ceramic knives, but I won’t bore you, I’ll just to say that they are able to cut everything, except bones, with ease.  Tomatoes are a good example, to pierce their skin we normally use a knife with a serrated blade, not any more, they’ve been made redundant as the Rocknife slices through tomatoes like a hot knife though butter.

Because of the hardness of the ceramic blade, it's not necessary to have a serrated edge, it even slices its way through bread, and they say, will  never require sharpening.

Technical bit

Made from toughened Zirconium Oxide and measure 6 on the Mohs Scale (Steel measures 4.5 and Diamond 10), the blades are hardened to 400 tons of pressure causing the knife to be extremely hardy as well as being stain proof and are easily wiped clean without a trace of smells.

The only thing you can’t do with a ceramic knife is use it to cut through bone or use it on a hard cutting surface - they don’t like that.

The Rocknife is available in a whole range of different colours and blade lengths  If you choose to buy the whole set then you get a free display stand that can either be mounted on your kitchen wall or stand alone next to where you prepare all your food. 

It doesn’t matter if you buy your knives separately or as a set, they’ll come in their own individual box, and more importantly with plastic sheaths so they’re perfect for throwing in your camp kitchen and using around the camp fire.

As I said earlier, my Rocknife has pretty much made all my other knives redundant and has proven to be perfect for meat, veg and fruit, I can see myself buying the whole set soon if I’m honest, and as we all know, it isn’t often I spend my own money!

Company website:

Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8inch

RRP: £19.95 - £59.95 (dependant on size)