Gerber Freescape Camp Kitchen

Sometime last year Gerber kindly sent me their Freescape Camp Kitchen to review, and like a few other products at Muddy Towers, it soon became indispensable and used on an almost daily basis.

What is it?

Well, the Freescape Camp Kitchen is basically 2 knives secured in a tray that slides into cutting board, and as its name suggests, perfect for outdoor cooking.

You get 2 knives as I said, a Freescape Paring Knife that has a grippy rubber handle, fine 3” steel blade and full tang construction which makes it excellent for peeling or mincing.

Then there’s the Freescape Camp Kitchen Knife, which is a total animal!  Inspired by a Santoku chefs tool it includes a modified sheepsfoot point and flat belly for accurate food prep.  While this solid 6 1/2 ounce tool, with its fine straight blade excels at food-related tasks, the full tang construction of high grade steel ensures it will stand up to an impressive range of campsite duties beyond that of the camp kitchen, from cutting through twine or cord to feathering sticks.

Both knives have a rubberised grippy handles which is handy when your hands are wet or greasy, and they’re so bloomin’ sharp, I reckon the kit should come with a roll of plasters!

The case itself is in 2 parts, the inner that holds the knives also has a space for more cutlery or matches, sachets of salt or whatever else you need.  To keep both knives in top shape a handy built-in ceramic knife sharpener is housed in the bottom right hand corner.

To separate the 2 parts, simply press down on the locking rocker type switch on the corner and slide out the inner, initially this can be a bit awkward to use, but you soon get used to it.  Once separated the outer doubles as the chopping board, the non-slip rubber feet keeps everything steady whilst the drip channel around board keeps everything clean.  It’s made from sturdy plastic (polypropylene) and resists scarring well, it doesn't it flex either when pushing down with a knife.

The Freescape Camp Kitchen is fantastic piece of kit, the knives are incredibly sharp and easy to use and the board is easy to work on and clean. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve used this on too many occasions to count as it’s a brilliantly versatile, both at home and outdoors.

Because it only measures around  1” x 11” x 10”  you can simply throw it in the back of your car along with a BBQ and some food, or even your rucksack and very little else.

Website: Gerber-Store-CampKitchen
Price: Around £70.00