Buff UV Pack Run Visor

If you have comes across any photos of me (Muddy Madam) or Damian on here you will probably know that we are more milkshake, than protein shake type of people, and the possibility of us becoming runners or tri-athletes is now long gone, but that didn’t stop Buff sending us their sporty Pack Run Visor to review.

Obviously I didn’t sign up for the Great Northern run to put it through its paces, but I did do a bit of hefty gardening just to build up a smidge of perspiration.

Like the Pack Trek cap we reviewed previously this Visor is highly flexible and packs to the size of your fist, but still keeps its shape when unfurled as it has ‘shape memory’. The visor is a nice size (3”x6.75”) to help to protect your eyes from the sun. It’s lightweight, breathable and has a comfortable fit.

If you are a runner it has a reflective Buff logo printed on the front to help you be seen, and is made of Coolmax Extreme Fabric which helps wick away moisture, and also has a 98% UV protection value.

There are a variety of colours and patterns available for both men and women, so if you run, play tennis or just want a properly packable sun visor for your holidays then don’t hesitant to get yourself one of these.

Technical Stuff

  • Visor 100% Polyurethane

  • Headband 100% Polyester

  • Weighs 35g

  • Certified to meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100

  • Thermal Comfort – Cool

Website: www.buffwear.co.uk

RRP: £21.50