Buff Pack Trek Cap

We’ve had a couple of Buff products to test in the past, and have been impressed by their versatility, and although this cap doesn’t do any other multifunctional tricks, it does have a huge bonus for when you are travelling or out’n’about - it’s truly packable!

Buff say that it packs to the size of your fist without losing its shape, so I decided to try it out and as you can see from the photo it definitely does, and I can attest to the fact that it does indeed hold its shape afterwards too.

It has an inner sweatband, a velcro fastening size adjustment bit at the back and side panels made of breathable fabric for keeping your head cool.

Iit’s made out of a bi-stretch, ultralight fabric, and it’s so comfortable that I actually forgot I was wearing it, and I’m really not a cap person. I also liked that the design on the top of the cap is carried through to the underside of the visor; I like those little touches.

The upper panels, except the vented sides are made of fabric that has a UPF 50 rating which means 98% UV Protection, so great for those who are a bit follicly challenged.

(In the 4th photo I’ve teamed it with a UV Protection Buff that compliments the cap perfectly)

It has only a small minus point for me, mainly because I have quite a wide head, and it’s that the visor section could’ve been a tad wider to give a bit more shade to my temples, but that said, it gave a good amount of shade to my eyes, and that is why you generally wear a cap.

Overall I will say that Buff’s Pack Trek Cap is a perfectly packable cap that is a joy to wear.


  • Weighs 45g

  • Materials: Crown, adjustment & undervisor 96% Polyester 4% Elastane, Inner sweatband & Side mesh panels 100% Polyester

  • UPF 50+

Website: www.buffwear.co.uk

RRP: from £24.50