📱Re-review of Thule's Atmos X3

Today I dropped my phone down a flight of stairs, again.  Not on purpose you understand, my hands were full and I was performing an amazing juggling act with my school bag, flask, keys, my coat tucked under my arm and of course my phone.  Then it all went pear shape and I watched in slow motion as my £600+ iPhone 6s tumble and bounced off each step performing the odd double back somersault for good measure.

A colleague watched in horror, and as she picked it up for me said, “Oh no, that’s an expensive accident.” 
“Nah, it’ll be reet.” I replied - because I’m a northerner and we all speak like that. 
“It’s in a Thule case so it’ll be fine.”  And sure enough it was.

So it was this little mishap that has prompted me to write a re-review on Thule’s Atmos X3.

Some time last year, Muddy Madam and I treated ourselves to a couple of iPhone 6s’, and as you can read here, Thule kindly sent me their Atmos X3 and X5 phone covers to test.

Not long after our initial review, Muddy Madam decided she fancied a change and bought herself a more funkier case, which gave me the opportunity to nick her X3 case and dump the X5. I’m not saying the X5 is a bad case, it isn’t, but it does have a few annoying faults, sound quality was top of the list, as you can read here.

9 months on and the Atmos X3 case has been a tough old thing, it's protected my investment admirably, even like just now when I’ve dropped it down a flight of stairs, at work, home and in car parks.

The slightly raised edging on the front has certainly help protect the screen on occasions, but be warned, it’s only around a millimetre deep, so it won’t help on uneven surfaces. 

On that subject, the X3 only covers the sides and back of your phone, the ports and rear camera are all open to the elements and therefore potentially susceptible to damage, you just need to be extra careful.  If you want better front protection, then Thule offer an Atmos X4 which costs around £30.

So far I can't ague with Thule's description of the X3, it features extreme drop protection that's expertly engineered into an ultra-slim case - 5 stars indeed!  

Price:  £15.00
Website:  Thule X3