Here at The Mud Life our philosophy is simple, the less we pack when we go on a jaunt the better, which is why I’m lovin’ this new product that was sent to us to review.  EAZYBBQ is basically 100% ecological oak charcoal in a box.  Granted, on reflection that doesn’t sound very exciting, but it is!

For starters it’s in a box, so that makes it easier for packing.  Then, because everything you need, except for a match, is in the box, it makes carting it around much easier - imagine not having a bag of charcoal that can spill everywhere and a BBQ chimney rolling around in the back of your 4x4.

So, how does it work?

  1. Remove the plastic wrapping
  2. Remove the 2 red tabs that are located at the top and bottom of the box.  This enables you to remove the 2 cardboard supports and place them on the bottom of your BBQ
  3. Next, light the triangle at the base, and once it’s burning, place it on top of the supports and wait for 20 minutes

And in practise it was as simple as that.  The quality and high calorific value of the green oak gives a long lasting burn and it was still churning out heat 2 hours later.

I wish I had more to say about it, but using it was that easy.  If I have one criticism it would be that for just the 2 of us the 'Family Pack' was a bit excessive, but at just £5.99 I'm not complaining!  

Website: www.eazybbq.com

Available in a ‘Party Pack’ 8-16 people - £9.99
Family Pack 2-8 people - £5.99
Refill - £3.99