Bosch Aerotwins (Retrofit)

Have you ever found a product that does everything you want it to, everything that it’s supposed to do, time after time after time?  Sure, you’re aware there’s other products out there that do the same job, and they might even be just a good, but you stick with your favourites because, in your experience, they’ve never let you down.  Well that’s just how I feel about the Bosch AeroTwin windscreen wipers.

Call me a ‘closed book’, I don’t care, but the first pair I had lasted 4 years on my Discovery before they started to smear, that’s driving around 7 – 10k a year.  What makes that remarkable is that we’re not just talking about the usual road grime either, as 4×4 owners, we expect wipers to shift dust, mud, and whatever else we drive through.  Of course, Bosch, or any other wiper blade manufacturer, would always recommend changing your blades sooner and more regularly, but the truth here is, I didn’t need to

Because the AeroTwin is made from a one-piece rubber profile with an integrated spoiler that provides an even pressure along the entire blade, they offer smear-free wipe across the entire windscreen.  Another benefit is, as they don’t have a metal frame and brackets as on conventional wiper blades, this helps to reduce snow and ice build-up during winter.

As you can read here, Deux Smurf Part 1, the first thing I bought for Deux Smurf after I bought her was a pair of Aerotwin Retrofits.  They’re incredibly easy to fit too, and because they hook onto the conventional wiper arms, they don’t require you to rummage around for the right plastic clip for your particular vehicle.

So, with no smear, no judder and no squeal, is it any wonder I keep going back?  Including Muddy Madam’s Skoda, my old Discovery and now Deux Smurf, I reckon this is my 5th set.  They may not be the cheapest around, but I’d rather pay that bit extra for their superb performance, and as I’ve mentioned already, they just keep on working.

Website: Bosch Automotive

Price: £36 a set for Deux Smurf from Halfords, though you can get them cheaper on the internet.