Update - Millican's Joe the iPad cover

As I’ve written Previously - clicky link, Millican’s Joe The iPad cover is a great piece of kit, but after an initial spurt of use for my first review, around 6 months, it was put to one side and almost forgotten about.  After this confession, some of you may be thinking that Joe isn’t worthy and a bit rubbish, but you would be wrong, oh so very wrong. 

The sole reason for its rejection was because the eternally clumsy Muddy Madam, who uses the iPad more than me, preferred the feel of our ageing iPad2 in a thick protective cover, and used both the Otterbox Defender case, and more recently the Lifeproof case.  As I wrote in my original review, Joe only allows your iPad inside only if it’s either naked, or has Apple’s folding cover.

However times have changed, I found that dragging Muddy Madam’s MacBook Pro around on vehicle launches, especially abroad, was becoming tiresome, so last month I invested in a new 9.7” iPad Pro with their folding smart keyboard thing.....Hello Joe.

Like the other Millican products I use, Joe is made from hardy stuff and looks the part with his weatherproofed, 100% organic cotton canvas outer, large press stud and chunky 70% vegetable tanned leather strap.  

For new car launches, press events and normal out of office work, the iPad Pro is much better, and slots in nicely into Joe (which sounds a bit weird). Once in place it’s secured by folding over a flap which is fastened into place using a leather strap and a brass press stud.

As well as the main compartment there’s a secondary pouch on the back that has two separate pockets inside that can be used to hold other bits like headphones, cables, SD card reader, a pen and other bits and bobs.

As mentioned earlier, Joe’s outer fabric is made from 100% organic cotton weatherproof canvas, its lining however is made from 100% organic brushed cotton and to protection your iPad from scratches, scuffs and bangs, it's packed between the two layers you’ll find local Herdwick wool.

On a recent flight to Inverness for the launch of the new Mazda CX-5 Joe worked wonders, as well as protecting my iPad from crappy weather and the hustle and bustle of a busy airport, it was able to slot into the seat pocket in front for take-off and landing.

Available in Grey Blue, Antique Bronze and Slate Green , we still believe that Joe the iPad Cover is a classy alternative to the usual array of plastic protective covers, so Joe's here to stay!

Website: www.homeofmillican.com

Price:  £50.00