SueMe Echoic Jacket

Using Polartec 300 recycled fleece in the main body and arms, SueMe’s Echoic jacket, which has been over 2 years in the making btw, offers incredible warmth and good breathability.  

A traditional yet modern tailored jacket, the Echoic features a unique wave-like pattern etched into the fabric which is inspired by many surf trips to Oyambre (Northern Spain before you ask).  The Echoic isn’t just any run-of-the-mill fleece, it boasts quirky details that make a refreshing change from the norm.  UK sourced tweed reinforcements adorn the shoulders and yoke, whilst waxed cotton on the underside of the sleeves, also from the UK, adds a welcome durability to the elbows and underside of the lower part of the arm.   

The jacket is painstakingly put together by designer artisans in North London in strict, limited batches comprising 20 men’s and 20 ladies’ garments.  Each is inspected prior to its departure from the factory.

I’d love to say that I wear one everyday, but alas I don’t actually own one.  I have however tried it on on numerous occasions during the various outdoors shows I’ve attended, and each time it has felt incredibly comfortable and snug, and each time I’ve begrudgingly removed it and given it back.


Price: RRP £280.00

This summer, Polartec announced that it had used one billion’s worth of clear plastic bottles in the production of high quality fabric.  These bottles were destined for landfill.  Since 1993, Polartec has been recycling plastic bottles and using the waste to produce high quality fabrics.  SueMe’s Echoic jacket is a great example of how recycled fabrics can help produce beautiful, high quality garments that are technical yet have a lower environmental impact than traditional garments of this calibre.