SAKitToMe Shopping (Beach/Gym/Pool) Bag

Reviewed by The Muddy Madam

We have all seen a lots of re-usable shopping bags popping up since the 5p carrier bag charge was introduced in the UK. There are plenty of big jute, canvas or plastic bags-for-life about and all are great for their purpose when heading off to the supermarket, but when you are wandering out and about and end up buying something in a shop that you weren't planning on, I don't know about you, but I hate having to hand over 5p for the ease of carrying your purchase back to the car. 

Well the solution is the SAKitToMe shopping bag. I have had the pleasure of testing out the Camouflage SAKitToMe shopping bag for a few months now, and I can quite happily say...

'Not all re-usable shopping bags are created equal!'

The other day, my friend and I both ended up buying some stuff when we were out, and we both had pack away bags; that is where the similarities ends. Her bag, when folded away, was twice the size of the SAKitToMe, and didn't have a keyring clip, so it took up quite a bit of her handbag, whereas the SAKitToMe is only 4"x1.5" folded up and the handy clip means that I can attach it to the outside of my bag. Although my friend's bag was twice the size when folded, it was about two thirds the size of mine when opened. The SAKitToMe is a mega roomy 19.5" x 16.5" size, and can hold up to a whopping 15Kg!! (That's a good amount of wine!)

I also tested it out as a beach bag too when I to Morocco. It was brilliant for carting around towels, books, sun cream and food. It's also easy to wash, as I found out when my salad cream laden butty decided to leak everywhere. I just took it in the shower with me, used a bit of shampoo, and hung it on a chair on the balcony, where it dried quickly as it is made out polyester. I went to the local souk (market) to buy the traditional souvenirs that must be bought on every trip, and ended up with quite a bit of the local specialities; one of which was a stunning carved wooden tissue box. When the chap offered me a large plastic bag I happily refused saying I have my own bag, at which point I whipped out my folded up SAKitToMe out of my tiny holiday shoulder bag. He tried to stop me, saying it would not be big enough for the large parcel, but his eyes widened when I pulled it out of the pouch. Yes it was plenty big enough!

This is also the perfect bag for kids on holiday, as there are some really cute kids designs too.


Material: 100% polyester makes SAKitToMe durable, strong and reusable.

Actual bag size: 50 cms x 42 cms (19.5" x 16.5")

Folded up pouch size: 10 cms x 4.5 cms diameter (4" x 1.5")

Website: Envirotrend