Otterbox Dry Boxes

Having both my iPhone and iPad protected by Otterbox’s Defender cases I was looking forward to putting both their Pursuit Series dry boxes through their paces. Designed to protect your belongings against water up to 100ft deep, dust, drops and being crushed by anything up to 450kg, the Pursuit Series, say Otterbox, is the dry box reinvented.

They’ve been very useful at Mud Life Towers over the years; they’re especially practical for keeping all the important bits and pieces safe, dry and together when out camping or canoeing. I like that I can feed my belt through the belt loops in the back and carry them like a holster on my hip.  They’re quite sleek, so even when I’m sat down or driving I don’t notice they’re there. They are also particularly useful for keeping your valuables safe if you’re visiting a foreign country, there are holes at either side of the latch that allow you to either fit a carabiner or small lock.


has exterior dimensions of 1.65” H x 3.85” W x 5.60” D with around 15 cubic inches of internal space which allows it to hold an iPhone 4s and keyfob.


has exterior dimensions of 2.05” H x 4.75” W x 6.95” D with around 30 cubic inches of internal space.  With its webbed partition it can carry your phone, keys, sunglasses, wallet, plasters, a lighter and so on.  

Both boxes have an easy to open latch, belt loops and have lockable carabiner loops and internal cushioning.  Although they’ve kept all my kit dry, I’ve never submerged them in deep water, they’ve only been subjected to rain and splashes that ?? getting too close to waves.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Otterbox don’t sell these particular models anymore, but you can get them newer updated models.

Check out their website for all the new boxes and cars that they currently make.