Otterbox Defender

The first thing I noticed when I fitted my iPad 2 into the Otterbox Defender was that it made the sleek tablet into a hefty and bulky piece of equipment.  However, the Defender is the Daddy in the Otterbox range when you want serious protection.

It’s built with a rugged and grippy silicone outer layer that wraps around the polycarbonate inner that has foam inserts for extra defence against drops and shocks.  Then there’s the clear screen cover made from some sort of plastic and works very well with the touch screen.

The additional clip-on screen protector that fits on both the front and back of the Defender also acts as a stand that offers viewing in portrait or landscape mode, it also lets you type at a natural angle.  This is a great benefit, especially if you travel a lot with your iPad like us.

Although the Defender isn’t waterproof, its silicone port covers keep dust and debris out of the main openings.  With four protective layers, the Defender does bulk up the iPad, but with its rubber surround and multi use stand it does give the user confidence that if and when you drop it iPad, it will be protected.  

Even though we have a selection of iPad cases to choose from here at The Mud Life Towers, Muddy Madam insists that our iPad is protected by the Defender.  She says the rubber cover offers exceptional grip and the extra bulk makes it hold better.  Additionally, she’s incredibly clumsy and it has survived numerous drops!