OSO Dash Tablet Mount

I have an OSO 360 Phone Mount that I'm rather attached to, it's been a permanently fixture in both my old Discovery and more recently, Deux Smurf. OSO's Tablet Dash Mount however is something that I don't use very often, purely because I don't use my iPad whilst driving.  I decided to change that the other day and use the Navigon app on my iPad instead.  

It doesn’t take long to set up, just clean the surface and place the mount in the desired position.  If you have one of those breathable surfaces, a special 3M adhesive disk is provided for extra security. Once the mount is where you want it and you have your device in the correct position, simply tighten the mount to lock it into place, easy.

OSO claim that their patented suction cup is the strongest in the world and so far I can only agree.  Driving along normal roads the mount keeps the iPad steady, but due to the iPads weight, on bumpy surfaces the joints on the Mount give a little, not excessively mind.

As is the case with all 4x4’s, your dash is going to get filthy, and if the suction cup becomes dirty with dust or any other muck, simply rinse it under a tap and leave to dry and it'll be refreshed and can be used again and again.  Having said that, in my experience once I've attached it to the windscreen or dash, as long as I never remove it again it's there for forever!

The Tablet Dash Mount supports any device up to 200mm wide, which includes all generations of iPad and Galaxy Tab, etc. It's durable too and can last for years, but just in case it gets damaged, OSO offer a free 2 year warranty.

Website: www.osomount.com

Price:  £29.99