My Buddy-Box

I always enjoy finding new and innovative products to review, and when I came across MyBuddy-Box, I knew I’d stumbled across a cracker!

With many awards to its name, the British made MyBuddy-Box is a strong, yet lightweight foldable box.  Folded down it measures just 32 x 25 x 4cm and is lighter than a mug of tea. Open it up and it’s a cavernous 32 x 25 x 55cm that’s tested to be able to carry up to 20kg.

As their website suggests, MyBuddy-Box is great as a laundry box, toy box, and even for your home-office filing or weekly shopping.  When it arrived at Muddy Towers I had other ideas, it was put to use straight away in the back of my old Discovery carrying soggy tow ropes, D-shackles, and muddy wellies. 

After a quick wash and wipe it now stops my air compressor, first aid kit, wellies, collapsable traffic cone, dustpan & brush (pause for breath) heavy duty jump cables and a torque wrench from rolling around in the back of Deux Smurf.

Made from 100% recyclable, food safe polypropylene, you don’t have to worry about it falling to pieces either, it's quite tough.  MyBuddy-Box is available in 5 designs, and by simply folding in a couple of tabs, it’s stackable too.

I've had it for a couple of years now, and as you can see in the photos it was used in my old Discovery, and more recently Deux Smurf and it’s held up really well with no visible signs of damage.


Price: £14.99