Lifeproof Frē

Using your precious iPhone underwater isn’t really recommended as electrics and water don’t generally mix.  However, with an iPhone case from LifeProof, now you can!

What I like about the LIFEPROOF FRĒ case is that it's slim, especially when compared against the Otterbox Defender as the FRĒ is only 1.3mm thicker that the phone itself.  This means that it doesn’t look out of place, whether you’re in the wilderness, in the office or at a special occasion, it’s very smart, and it’s profile allows it to be slipped into you pocket (or handbag I’m told), with ease. 

It gets better, the FRĒ is totally waterproof up to 2 metres, snow proof, dust proof, dirt proof and shock proof, what’s there not to like about it?  Well, being very picky, even though it’s supposed to have a non reflective cover, when I use it as a Sat Nav high on the dashboard, the clear plastic screen reflects any bright light coming through your back window making it quite difficult to see the map.  Of course you can affix it somewhere else, but as I said, I’m being picky.  

After 4 years worth of abuse, the FRĒ is looking a bit worn.

It's had some abuse over the years, I’ve dropped it on concrete, it’s fallen downstairs, I’ve had conversations in the pouring rain and heavy snow, and lets not forget the numerous times it’s been submerged in muddy puddles after it's fallen out of the car.  If you want to take photos or videos on the beach and in the sea, it can handle it.  And as I mentioned earlier, its subtle design means it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb and screams, 'Hey, look at my new and expensive iPhone, steal me!' 

Inevitably though things wear out, and after nearly 4 years of constant heavy use the FRĒ has had its day.  I would still trust it to take a fall, but these days I keep it well away from the wet stuff, ultimately I reckon it's had a good innings.  

It just so happens that I'm upgrading my old iPhone 4s for the new SE version, and Muddy Madam has just bought herself an iPhone 6s.  Hmm, I wonder what case I'll entrust them in...