Jompy Water Boiler

Every so often I come across a product to review that I can’t help sitting back and thinking to myself, that’s so simple, it’s brilliant, and this is one of those products. 

The Jompy is an innovative, environment-friendly, fuel-efficient waterboiler that can be used over any open flame and de-contaminates water as it passes through.  Because it heats up so fast, it means that you will use 60% less gas than if boiling water in a saucepan.  Weighing just 605 grams and measuring 29cm across (large version), it produces 1 litre of steaming hot water every 45 seconds.  Attach a shower head and tube to your Jompy and you have a nice warm shower too!

Another USP is that because the Jompy is a flat disk shape, when placed on your stove or open fire it also allows you to put saucepans on top of it, therefore cooking food and heating water simultaneously, which saves fuel, time, energy and equipment.

Simply attach a tube from your water container, place the Jompy on your heat source, in my case it's usually my Ozpig, and the result is cold water in at one end and hot bacteria free warm water at the other, it’s so simple it’s brilliant!

Admittedly, I haven't used it in a while as I haven't used my Ozpig, but I'm hoping to soon and I'll add more more photos when I do.


Price:  £39.99 for the large, or £29.99 for the medium Jompy.