Ghillie Kettle

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere, of the 100’s of products I’ve tested over the years there’s only a handful that I still use today.  Not only is the Ghillie kettle one of those products, but it’s one that I’ll go out of my way to use.

The chimney or volcano kettle, call it what you will, dates back to the late 1800’s in western Ireland where these handmade kettles were made mostly of tin and had very short lives.  Although todays kettle from Ghillie may look similar, that’s about as far as it goes.  

Out of their large range, I opted for the Silver Anodized Adventurer Kit that’s thicker and stronger than normal.  The kit comes with pot support, saucepan, frying pan, grill and pan grip which all can be stored within the base of the kettle and comes with it own hard wearing carry bag.

Setting up and using the Ghillie kettle is easy.  Simply start the fire in the base making sure that it’s well established first, add water to the kettle then place it on top of the base and then wait for the whistle to blow!  You can add more fuel by dropping it through the centre if required.

To cook, simply attached the pot support to the top of the kettle and place either of the pans on top, it’s as easy as that.  It’s important however to make sure that the kettle never runs dry whilst cooking, so always make sure you have enough water.

Every time I go for a mooch in Deux Smurf, or any other vehicles I have on test, the Ghillie Kettle comes with me, it’s easy to use, reliable and fun.

The adventurer holds up to 1.42ltrs of water (approx 5 mugs) and boils within minutes.  Its dimensions are: Height: 34cm,  Width: 18.5cm at its widest point and they’re made in the UK.

Check out their website for videos and

Price:  RRP £55.95 (Silver Anodised Adventurer Kit)