Armadillo Merino Lightweight Boot Sock

I always enjoy the feeling I get when I wear a brand new pair of socks for the first time, especially if they’re the outdoor type, there’s a soft and squishy tenderness involved that always seems to warm my cockles, if you know what I mean. 

Good things however often come to an end, but so far, after a month or two my Armadillo Merino Lightweight Boot Socks are continuing to give me that warm, fuzzy feeling every time I wear them, and that’s been pretty much almost everyday.

As their name suggests, they’re a lightweight sock intended for warmer weather use, which they’ve excelled at.  I’ve worn them for general meanderings, driving, off-roading, running up hills taking photos of 4x4’s wearing either my 30 year old Zamberlan Mountain lites, or new Hi-Tec Ox Trails.

Furthermore, after long arduous days on my feet, not only have they kept odour to an absolute minimum, but they've efficiently wicked moisture away from my feet leaving them cool and dry.

Now that the temperature’s dropping I’ve found myself wearing them around the house which has negated the need to put the central heating on, much to the annoyance of Muddy Madam who is always cold!

As I always say, you shouldn’t skimp on shoes because your feet are important, so why skimp on socks?  That’s right, you shouldn’t.  A decent pair of socks should last a long time when looked after, and that’s exactly what I expect from my Armadillo Merino Lightweight Boot Socks, they're made to go the distance!


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Price: £25.00 * but currently on offer at just £14.99!