Sealey MAC2300 Air Compressor

Here at The Mud Life we don't only review new wares, we like to give credit where credit's due on older products too, those stalwarts that have stood the test of time and lie in wait ready to save the day, again.  In this case it's my old reliable 12v air compressor, the Sealey MAC2300.

Amazingly, after a good 10 years of abuse it's still going strong, not only that but Sealey still sell it, well you know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

This little unit really has taken a lot of abuse over the years.

This epic piece of kit is tough, not only has it been bounced around in the back of numerous 4x4’s, but it’s also been flooded, dropped and snowed upon, though I’m quietly confident that Sealey wouldn’t recommend that type of abuse.  After all of this mistreatment, all that has gone wrong is the gauge reads around 10psi out and it's missing all of its foam feet.

I have no idea how much I paid for it all those years ago, but I know it wasn’t cheap.  I remember that I wanted something reliable, and I knew that Difflock didn’t sell rubbish, so off went the cheque.

Apart from the occasional football at youth clubs and caravan tyres, it’s main use has been inflating tyres after off-roading, which usually takes around 4 minutes to get from 18 to 30psi, if my memory serves me correctly.  Admittedly, I don’t have anything to compare it with as the MAC2300 is the only compressor I’ve ever owned, so there may be quicker 12v compressors out there.

Measuring 23cm high, 28cm long and 15cm wide, the MAC2300 has a hose length of 900mm and a 4mtr long power cord, which is handy if you're towing a caravan.  The compressor itself is housed in tough composite case, and according to Sealey’s website it can compress free air to 30psi at the rate of 45ft³\hr.  It has an integral gauge that reads up to 20bar/300psi and an accessory kit that contains a Presta type adaptor, ball spike and two inflatables adaptors included in storage compartment on base.

To conclude then, it may be old, it may have seen better days and there's probably quicker units out there, but the MAC2300 is one of those products that just keeps on running, and I'm happy with that.

Website Link: Sealey / MAC2300 Compressor