Peli 2720 LED Head Torch

They say great things come in small packages. However, being 6’1” and 18 stone I tend to disagree, so when Peli’s new headlight was thrust through my letterbox back in 2012 for testing, my first thought was, ‘that’s way too small to be effective.’  Hmm, of course I was wrong.

The 2720 has a motion detector that turns it on and off simply by waving your hand in front of it, which is a genius idea, especially when your hands are covered in oil ‘n’ stuff.  It also has a dimming mode that allows you to use anywhere between 100% to 10% of it’s power, therefore saving batteries.

What's also helpful is the variable lens which gives you the option of a wide or focussed beam, again handy if you're lying under your 4x4 focussed on a particular spot or searching for the nut you've just dropped! There’s also a low level red LED light that flashes SOS in Morse Code!

Of course technology moves on, but my point here is that In the last 4 years the 2720 has been in near constant use and it hasn’t let me down.  From working on 4x4's in the rain to finding birds and mice behind kitchen cabinets that Malcolm that cat brings in, it's been a reliable piece of kit and I'd be lost without it.

UPDATE: The 2720 has now been discontinued, but there are newer models in the Peli range, check their website: