Obsession Wax - Evolution

It’s quite odd really, as the person who’s least likely to wash his 4x4, I have a huge collection of wax and polishes that I’ve been sent over the years, but, when I do find the time (motivation), I like to take my time and do a proper job, it’s kind of therapeutic.

I first met Jay at the Footman James Classic Motor show at Event City last year where he had a small stand. Jay not only came across as a decent bloke, but incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated to his cause. 

After a quick chat about his wares, it soon became evident that creating new and exciting waxes isn’t just a way of paying his mortgage, but it’s his passion.

He offered me a sample tub of his ‘Evolution’ wax which he enthusiastically told me had taken 8 months to develop and has been designed from the ground up using a totally new formula.  Even though it doesn’t contain any carnauba wax, it contains a blend of Montan, Beeswax and nut oils… with a lovely fruity aroma.

Because it’s designed to be very quick and very easy to use, I seized the opportunity on a cold, yet sunny February morning to give it a try on Deux Smurf.

Probably the worst product shot - ever!

There’s a couple of ways to use Evolution:

1. Apply to the whole car, leave for 10 to 15 mins then buff off and apply a second coat.

2. Apply 1 coat, leave for 5 to 15 mins then apply a second coat, leave this for 10 to 15 mins then remove both coats together

Time was short and I only applied 1 coat and Jay was right, ‘Evolution’ was very easy to apply, as well as buff out. Deux Smurf gleamed.

A month or 4 later…

It’s now the end of June and after 4 months and nearly 4.5k miles of long, salt encrusted motorway treks, general commuting and the odd green lane, she's still looking fresh.  The only water that’s dowsed her since February has been the stuff that falls from the sky and remarkably, everywhere except the bonnet still beads water. To say I'm impressed is an understatement.

Price: £74.95 for 600grm or £15.00 for the 250grm sample pot.

Website: www.obsessionwax.com