Millefiori Milano Icon Air Freshener

There’s nothing worse than getting into your 4x4 for work on a Monday morning after a weekends playing in the mud, especially when you haven’t cleaned it - muddy shoe deposits, that pair of wet socks and that other smell, what is it?  Has something died?

At a show recently I managed to get hold of a new range of car smellies, namely Millefiori Milano’s Icon range, and in particular their ‘cold water’.

Now don’t laugh, ‘cold water’ may sound a little pretentious, but it’s quite pleasant with its note of sandalwood, rosemary, lemon and bergamot.  Granted, that collection of wiffyness may sound a bit pompous, but it’s actually quite rejuvenating, even after well over a month of use.  In fact, they reckon that each refill lasts up to 90 days, which I have no doubt.

Inside the box you’ll find two pieces of scented rubber that you slide into the back ofthe main body, and a clip that can be easily and securely hooked onto the air-vents.  I have to admit that I’m not usually a lover of clipping things to the air vents as they often weigh them down and consequently I can’t position them to get a blast of air, but the Icon weighs next to nothing, and as the air’s pumped out of the vents, you get a lovely whiff of 'cold water'!

When the scent starts to vanish, simply replace the rubber pieces with refills available in many different fragrances.

Times have moved on from those ‘traffic light’ air fresheners, and so should you, as well looking stylish, they smell great too.

Now available in Halfords, and in various online shops.

Website: Millefiori Milano