Back2You GPS Tracker

Not a week goes by when I hear about another Land Rover that’s been stolen, and sadly never to be seen again. It always surprises me that these owners don’t have some sort of tracker fitted; they can be quite pricey but then not as pricey as a new vehicle!

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tracker that had no contract, no installation costs, no monthly fees and one that you don’t even have to wire it in; something that you can just charge and go? 

Well, that’s exactly what you get when you invest in a ‘Back2You’ GPS tracker.

Measuring at only 55mm (width), 95mm (length), 40mm (height), and weighing in at only 325g, the ‘Back2You’ GPS tracker comes in a waterproof and rugged case with powerful magnets that will stick to metal surfaces. It comes with a full range of accessories including a charger and external antennas (for permanent installations).  You can remotely switch a relay (which is included) to imobilise your vehicle or activate alarms, and real-time tracking gives you the ability to see the position of your vehicle on demand via Google maps. A movement alarm can be set to instantly alert you if your vehicle moves or even just jolted.  

There are loads of other benefits too; it will send you a text if it senses movement, goes over a certain speed, if it moves more that 200m and so on.  It’s even fitted with a built in microphone enabling the unit to be used as a remote listening device!  The best part for me is that it doesn’t have to be a permanent fixture and can be put anywhere at anytime, in your caravan, boat, bike, quad, plant machinery… anywhere!

It’s simple to use, just pop in the pay as you go SIM card that’s included, charge it up, and 'Hey Presto' it works!  Using it is equally as easy, simply call it up from your mobile, and when you reach the voicemail hang up, you will immediately receive a text stating the exact location and speed of the tracker as well as a link enabling you to view the position on Google maps. If you choose not permanently fit it, its battery will last up to 90 days before it requires recharging, or up to 12 months in deep sleep which can be woken by vibration.

The only real test of a tracker is if your vehicle gets stolen, and thankfully my Discovery never did.  However it did prove it’s worth once when I had a senior moment at the NEC and completely forgot which car park I’d parked in, doh!

At under £200, this has to be one of the best investments for your vehicle, especially with 4x4’s being high targets for thieves.  For more information about how the Back2You’s GPS tracker can keep you vehicle, bike, boat safe and sound, check out their website, and tell them that The Mud Life sent you!


Price:  From £195.00