big fork™ - cooking essential

big fork™ isn't a fork in the eating sense, it's actually a cooking utensil

It's an 11 inch long giant fork for cooking and serving. You can use it as a food turner when cooking by using its ‘prongs’ to grab and flip steaks or chicken breasts, turn roasts and generally move stuff around when cooking.

In just over a month from now the turkey will be arriving, perfectly cooked, on our beautifully laid out 🎄Christmas table, and I cannot wait to see the looks on my family's faces when I rock up to the table sporting a carving knife in one hand and this giant fork in the other (I might have to find a giant serviette bib just to complete the maniacal look).

In the company's bumpf they suggest that you could buy 2 to create the perfect salad servers or roast meat lifters, which I think is a pretty good idea.

They also mention that it has a full stainless steel tang that extends all the way into the handle, so that should mean it'll last. 

(I looked the word 'tang' up as I thought it may be a misprint, but no, it means the projection on the blade of a tool such as a knife, by which the blade is held firmly in the handle. You learn something new every day.

They show it being used as a spaghetti server too, which is definitely what I'll be trying out next time I make my very yummy Spaghetti Bolognese, and when I next fire up the barbecue I'll be turning meat like a pro.

I like the weirdness, or should that be funkiness, of this product. They've taken the idea of making a better utensil, and run with it to a very fun, but highly practical, place.


Colours: Red, Green, Grey                             Price: £12                         Website: