Neglect - Deux Smurf Pt 5

Ok, so neglect is quite a strong word, but over the last 4 or so months Deux Smurf has hardly turned a wheel.  The reason behind this abandonment is due to the constant stream of press cars arriving at Muddy Towers.  First there was the L200, then the Evoque, XC90, Sportage, Vitara, Ex-Perience, Subaru AV, 2 Octavias, a couple of Jags and last but not least, a Suzuki S-Cross.

I have of course taken her out on a couple of occasions, just to keep her battery topped up and juices flowing, but last week she failed to start for the first time, so I removed the battery and connected it up to the fabulous CTEK charger in the shed.  

What she really needs of course is a good run out, which is why I’m writing this in the George’s Hotel, down in Stamford.  As you can read - here - Subaru invited me down the Peterborough for an off-road day, which is nice of them, they’ve even put me up in this wonderful hotel.  Anyway, to my point, I’m back to driving Deux Smurf again for the next 3 weeks until the next batch of press cars arrive.  

How does she compare to all the new cars I’ve driven?  It’s fair to say that I’ve actually missed driving her, bearing in mind that she’s a 20 year 4x4, she doesn’t feel like it.

As I’ve written previously, she’s quiet, fast and comfortable, but there is one one thing I really do need to sort, well 2 actually, the first is the tyres.  They’re beginning to wear a little thin so they need replacing sooner rather than later, especially with winter approaching.  

The second thing that requires attention are her headlamps, well bulbs if I’m being specific - they’re terrible!  Again, as you can read - here- whilst I was down in Stamford I thought I'd drive a few green-lanes, and as the photo below proves, I need a new lighting setup.  The good news is, I’ve just spoken to Bosch who’ve agreed to send be a pair of their Gigalight bulbs to review and they should be with me within the next couple of weeks, so I’ll let you know how they get on.  To be fair, anything will be an improvement!

As it’s November, we’re busier than ever at Muddy Towers, so I’m going to entrusted Deux Smurf to Steve Wilson Auto’s in Bolton for a winter service, that’s fully greased up and a change of fluids, I might even give her a wash!