A Belting Trip... - Deux Smurf Pt 3

It's been a busy old summer here at Mud Life Towers, we've had dozens of shows to visit, press cars to drive and new vehicle launches to attend, and not to mention our daily jobs.  With so much fun stuff going on I've hardly had any time to fettle with Deux Smurf and attend to the list of jobs that I had planned.  Having said that, there was 2 jobs that were deemed necessary earlier on in the year before a couple of 300+ mile trips, the first was getting the belts changed.  There are 2 reasons for this, first was peace of mind, and secondly they were beginning to slip, especially the air conditioning belt, it was screaming like a banshee!

The occasional glimpse of a bright yellow orb in the sky around spring time brought a much welcomed warmth to the streets of Bolton, what wasn’t welcomed however was the aforementioned high pitched squeal that accompanied it every time I pressed the AC button.

A business guru once told me that I should concentrate my time on what makes me money rather than doing the things that don’t.  An example would be spending £170 on an accountant to sort my tax out instead when I could spend the time earning money instead.  So I decided to adopt this philosophy with Deux Smurf. I’ll admit that there was also a degree of laziness involved too!

So I parked Deux Smurf in front of Steve Wilson’s garage door, a mechanic I've known for the last 30 years, with a note asking him to replace all the belts. This then gave me the opportunity to stay at home and watch telly… just kidding, I had a pile of work to finish and people to see.

At a total cost of £58 I was quite happy, especially considering that he had to deal with some ‘sticky’ bolts and move the battery - better him than me!  

On the subject of high pitched squealing, the second little job was to do something about both front windows, as whenever I lowered and raised them they'd make a right racket, and it was quite painful, a bit like nails on a chalkboard. On close inspection it transpired that over the years the lower rubber strips on the door had become fairly solid and when the windows were lowered and raised they'd make the ear piercing noise.

Luckily I had some 'Rubber and Nylon' spray that I'd bought  years ago when I had a caravan.  The curtains were quite difficult to open due to the plastic hooks running on plastic rails - it worked a treat.  It also worked wonders on my first Smurf when the rear window struggled to rise.  I quick squirt around the rubber surrounds eased everything up nicely.

Anyhow, a quick spray on the rubbers eliminated the squeal completely.

With a full tank of diesel, necessary fluids checked and tyres pumped and ready to go, we set off for Braintree, Essex for young Keiran’s passing out parade as an MOD Policeman.  Apart from rubbish Friday afternoon traffic on the M11, the 450 mile round trip was a doddle, and having ice-cold air-con without the squeal was a blessing.

3 days later and another full tank of BP's finest, I set off on the 390 mile round trip to High Wycombe for the media launch of Toyota’s new 8th generation Hilux.  I know I've said it before, but I honestly can't praise Deux Smurf enough for its motorway cruising ability, she's quiet, comfortable and a little bit thirsty, but that's probably my fault as I'm not known for hanging around - obviously within the speed limits!

There are a few other jobs that need doing, though nothing urgent, but don't hold your breath for  updates anytime soon, I have more shows to attend, more press cars to play with and a few more vehicle launches - it's a hard life!