All Terrain UK and CALM (Countryside Access for the Less Mobile) yesterday announced the start of a collaborative working arrangement to support green lane users.

Screen Shot 2018-09-15 at 07.53.07.png

All Terrain UK will provide CALM members with access to “SmartTrail” – All Terrain UK’s in-house solution which helps green lane users to check the legal status of lanes and assist with route planning, whilst CALM will support the further development of SmartTrail enabling a faster programme of coverage across England and Wales.

Kirk Pearson, Chairman and joint founder of ATUK said “We are delighted to be working alongside CALM in this way which reinforces our ethos of supporting green lane use by all vehicle users. This will rapidly allow the full roll out of SmartTrail in areas not currently available and will ensure continued access to a green lanes database mapping solution for CALM members”

Ed Cairns, founder of CALM, agreed. “We are really impressed with ATUK’s SmartTrail system and welcome the contribution this will make in enabling CALM members to have maximum enjoyment of green lanes, whilst also looking forward to both our organisations working together to promote our hobby”

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