HALF PRICE !! - Kitsound Hive 2 Plus Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

We reviewed this brilliant Hive 2+ Bluetooth Speaker back in November (read it here), and at the time we asked ourselves would we buy one.

At that time the speaker was £59.99, and and the reply Muddy Madam gave was "Absolutely! There would be no hesitation, as it has been used more than I had ever imagined." 

We have used it in the house to play our podcasts via bluetooth from our phones, taken it out on camping trips and out in the garden to play some tunes whilst barbequeing. We are amazed that the speaker has such a full sound, for such a dinky device,

⬅️ We spotted that currently the speaker is only £29.99 on Amazon (it's also a Prime product👍🏻), which is HALF the original price so we thought we'd let you know so you could get hold of one before the price rises again.

PLEASE NOTE: we have no links to the seller, and have not been paid to promote this product. For clarity if you buy using the Amazon click through above, we do get a small commission from Amazon, which does not affect the price you pay, but does allow us to keep The Mud Life free.