Tec4 Lubricants specialise in the development, manufacture and distribution of products designed to safely remove harmful contamination from engines. 

Petrol, Oil and Diesel are made from organic matter, so when they combust, or are left to naturally degrade, contamination is created. This contamination builds up on key components within the engine, resulting in a gradual loss of performance and fuel economy.

TEC4 believe that, as a result of modern driving habits, contamination now affects 90% of cars on the road. Be it a reduction in fuel economy, these problems can be fixed or prevented through the use of their Service Kits that will easily, either significantly improve fuel economy, or fix an existing problem. 

For further information about TEC4, visit their website - TEC4.co.uk and if you're happy, head over to Milner's website, type in your vehicle details and search under ancillaries to order your kits!