Firedragon's wonderfuel sparks outdoor interest...

A versatile eco-friendly flammable fuel and cooking stove used by British Soldiers to warm their drinks and heat their rations is tipped to spark huge interest from the Outdoor Industry when it meets at the OutDoor event in Friedrichshafen, Germany, next week (13-16 July).

Over the last five years, Cardiff-based outdoor living and survival equipment manufacturer, BCB Adventure Ltd, has been developing a green and clean solid bio-fuel made from ethanol called ‘FireDragon’.  It can be used in multi-fuel outdoor cookers and barbecues. The fuel has replaced Hexamine as the British Army’s fuel of choice and is supplied with a lightweight and compact cooker. 

As BCB Adventure’s Managing Director, Janey Howell, explained the fuel had to meet the British Army’s robust and rigorous requirements: “The UK Ministry of Defence were looking for a solution that amongst other things was lightweight, could boil 500ml of water in under 11 minutes, was easy to light and extinguish, burned cleanly and is easily transportable.  A fuel pack of FireDragon and its associated folding cooker weigh less than 300g and the FireDragon fuel will boil 500ml of water in under 8 minutes.”

The  company has reported that interest in the fuel has soared ever since news of the contract with the British Military broke.

Janey Howell added: “The contract with the British Army is a big turning point.  We have worked long and hard to develop and bring to market the fuel.  The fuel is good news for the outdoor industry and more importantly good news for all those who venture outdoors. It will enable outdoor enthusiasts to cook their meals and warm their drinks with a safer and cleaner fuel than traditional fire lighters like methylated spirits and paraffin based products while at the same time help to protect the environment. 

“For generations, the use of toxic and environmentally harmful firelighters has needled the conscience of outdoor enthusiasts.  FireDragon is a non-toxic fuel made from 100% natural ingredients including ethanol sourced from UK grown grain stocks. It is easy to light, even in the rain. It burns cleanly and research shows that it boils water faster than methylated spirits.  It can perform in extreme conditions.  We believe FireDragon will become the green  and adventure outdoor cooking fuel of choice. We look forward to discussing  its merits to visitors at next week’s OutDoor event.”



Take a look at Firedragon's video: