Jeep ambassador hunts the World's Biggest Waves in a new documentary...

Jeep UK ambassador and big wave surfer, Andrew Cotton, will star in an epic film: ‘Beneath the Surface’, documenting his search for the world’s largest waves.

Fronting the journey is the ever-popular Jeep Renegade, shown tackling rough terrain, mud tracks and daunting declines as the team and equipment travel to the Atlantic shores off the coast of Ireland.

The thrilling documentary, due to be aired on 28th July on Red Bull TV, reveals the dedication and preparation of Cotton and his team to find the elusive, gigantic, Atlantic wave for Cotton to conquer.

Damien Dally, head of brand, Jeep UK, said: “This film is gripping, watching Andrew surf some of the world’s largest waves. Seeing the Renegade lead Andrew and his team to the rural locations whilst towing the jet-ski he uses to get out to sea where he finds those extreme waves, is great – the Renegade really does allow the team to go anywhere and do anything.”

Cotton added: “Having watched the film for the first time, it dawned on me what an epic journey the last six months have been – I will continue to balance family life with my hunt for the world’s largest waves using my Jeep to access those off-road, remote locations and the big waves.”

‘Beneath the Surface’ will be aired on Red Bull TV for the first time on 28th July, with the 30-minute documentary also available on-demand at