RIMOWA leads the way luggage technology

RIMOWA, the luxury luggage brand have introduced a new and easy way of checking in at airports.

The Electronic tag is an exciting new addition to Europe’s largest luggage brand. The latest innovation allows travellers to use their smart phone to check in baggage from the comfort of their own homes or hotel. The RIMOWA Electronic tag is based on digital technology that is integrated directly into selected RIMOWA suitcases models. The clever new technology replaces the paper tag that is usually placed on the case by an airline; with a digital data module integrated into the suitcase. The tag displays data digitally in the same size and style as paper labels.

RIMOWA is the first luxury luggage brand that offers this slick new technology incorporated in their iconic and stylish suitcase designs. The future of travel is set to change; in addition to digital boarding passes airlines will also provide their passengers with digital luggage data for their booked flights. Launched exclusively with Lufthansa Airline the inventive new system is set to expand among leading global airline partners.

For more details, check out their website: www.rimowa-electronictag.com