Matt LeBlanc's 1st Top Gear Challenge - Blackpool!

A Muddy Madam mock up of Matt LeBlanc in Blackpool.

Matt LeBlanc has just been given his first Top Gear Challenge live on Chris Evans' Radio 2 Breakfast show. David Baddiel read out the challenge which is for Matt and Chris to head off from the radio studios this morning and head straight to Blackpool. 'Not very challenging' I hear you say.

The challenging part is that they will be driving in 2 Robin Reliant cabriolets, each bedecked in the driver's own country's flag; Matt's the Stars and Stripes of the U.S.A. and Chris in the Union Jack of Great Britain. Chris said that they would be driving past the home of the Robin, Tamworth in Staffordshire, other than that their route isn't known,

The drive would usually take around 4¼ hours for a normal car, but with our 'lovely' February conditions of icy roads, windy weather and Friday half term traffic who knows when the duo will arrive. If you see them let us know.