Easy Way To Load A Canoe On Your Own...

Not exactly a new product, but the Rhino-Rack Universal Side Loader looks to be a brilliant and easy way of loading your kayak, canoe, ladder, camping gear or other longer heavy items onto your roofbars.

Supplied by TBR Accessories, who are Rhino-Racks UK distributors, you simply secure one side of the Side Loader onto the roof bar and attach the support pole.

Once it's secure you lift one side of your canoe onto the bar then pivot your load onto your crossbars, it couldn't be simpler!

The Side Loader comes in a Heavy duty storage bag with an integrated load stop that prevents your load from sliding off bar and has foam padding to protection your gear.  They say that it's suitable for use on all Rhino Aero and HD/Euro bars, as well as all Thule Square, Aero & Wingbar, Rola, Prorack and Whispbar bars.

Check out the video on their website, it really does look very easy to use.  In fact, I reckon that I'll be putting an order in soon, so watch this space for our own video review.

Website:  TBR Accessories

Product Page: Side Loader

Price:  £120.00