Edward’s Gaff

It’s great having friends in high places, literally!  Edward has a farm that’s quite high up in the West Pennine Moors, and over the years his farm track and hillsides have been the backdrop to many a photoshoot for various magazines.

As it hadn’t rained for a couple of days and the sun had decided to make a quick appearance, I took the opportunity to take Deux Smurf up for a quick mooch and snap some photos of a couple of products that I’ve been testing recently. 

Driving through a gate from Edward's drive, the first obstacle was to drive down the track, over a bridge, then up the other side onto a large sloping field.  Engaging the centre difflock I gave Deux Smurf a bit of welly and motored up the opposite bank. Unfortunately I eased off the throttle slightly as I wasn’t certain in which direction I wanted to go, and as you can see by the photos, I lost momentum and ground to a halt, as you can see below.

After reversing back down onto harder ground I floored it again, and this time without slowing down I made it up the banking and across the field to the hard track that takes you through the centre of the farm and into a large shale quarry.  I stopped off at a few places and took some photos but I decided not to venture too far off the beaten track as the fields were still very sodden and the part worn General Grabber AT tyres were quickly clogging up.

Photos never make it look as steep as it actually is!

A few years ago Edward built a track into one of his fields so a turbine could be erected, and that was my aim, as from there you can see all the way to Snowdonia.  Alas, Deux Smurf was struggling to find grip, or should I say the tyres were.  

By this time there were some menacing clouds appearing in the distance so I decided to call it a day and make my way back to Edwards drive, and after locking the gate I meandered up to the house for a brew and a chat. 

Edward is toying with the idea of trading his Audi Allroad in for something newer, so we discussed his wants and needs and came up with a couple of options.  It looks like I’m going to be busy next week visiting garages and going on test drives, I do like spending other peoples money!

Trundling home in the mud splattered Smurf I decided that the next purchase will be a new set of tyres!