Blowing off the cobwebs!

So there I was, messing around on Edward’s farm taking some product photos and testing Deux Smurfs off road capability (clicky link to page), when I remembered an article I wrote for the now defunct Land Rover World magazine back in 2011. 

Friends of ours, Mark and Selina who had a wonderful 101 wanted to strip the fridge out of my old and tatty caravan that I had sat by a lodge at Edwards farm.

As it was one of those rare beautiful days that we seldom get oop north, and once they'd removed the fridge we decided that it would be rude of us if we didn’t go and explore some of the tracks around the farm and surrounding fields.

Lying on the edge of the Pennines, Edward’s farm includes a large shale quarry that was last used by Accrington Brick in 1939, though there isn’t anywhere to play in the quarry, it's main use is access to the other side of the farm.  So once we'd ventured through and out the other side, we followed the feint tracks that led us onto the luscious green rolling hillside with views all the way toSnowdonia.  Although the familiar clatter of my 300Tdi sounded more at home in this farming environment, I must admit that the unmistakeable sound of the burbling V8 emanating from the 101 was a joy to hear! 

I decided to take them to higher ground, so returning to the old quarry I took a sharp right up a steep hillside track, but recent heavy use of tractors had created some very deep ruts which meant the track began with a 20” step.  Both my Discovery and the 101 climbed it with ease, and when the track evened out we followed the ruts towards the edge of the field.  This part of the farm is covered with rushes and as a result is very boggy.

Mark stopped to watch me traverse a particularly damp and squishy section, no point of both of getting stuck we thought.  The ground was quite firm, that was until I reached a 20 yard stretch muddy ruts. 

'Not a problem.'  I thought as I gave myself a run up in third low, only to find myself coming to an abrupt halt in the mud.  After around four attempts, each time getting closer and closer to solid ground, I decided to give up as I didn't want to make the ground any messier.  Time for Mark and Selina to have a go.

Even though Bar Grips have the nickname of 'Bar Slips’, it only took Mark a couple of attempts to get through and go further up the hill.  After numerous triumphant gestures from Mark, it was time to meander our way back down to the farm and go our separate ways as we all had other adult type stuff to do.

It was really nice to escape for an hour or so with great company, maybe I should start to allocate 'playtime' into my weekly regime!