Almost a virgin

At a recent GLASS (Green Lane Association), meeting, it was mentioned that a particular lane that we all thought was closed to vehicular use was actually open.  Dean, our GLASS area rep had spoken to the Lancashire Rights of Way officer who’d told him that although United Utilities disputed it, as far as he was concerned it was legal to drive.  Lots of other important information was discussed but I wasn’t listening, I was too busy rearranging the next day in my head so I could go and explore, which is exactly what I did!

Upon reaching the new latched gate I became all excited, not only was I driving somewhere new, but as I’d only had Deux Smurf a fortnight, this was the first time that I’d engaged 4wd.  

After closing the gate behind me I trundled forward barely above tick over, and within around 100yrds I came across 3 large man made diagonal ramps that were doing a splendid job of diverting the constant stream of water off the lane. 

I continued, gradually climbing into the low cloud, and by this stage the rain let up a bit and became drizzle, that dense drizzle that soaks you through within seconds.  Yup, the weather was grim, and although I could see the track ahead, the view over the moors was non existent.  

Although the majority of the lane was submerged from beginning to end, thankfully the surface was mainly cobblestones, so no damage was done underfoot.  There were parts that were 1 car width narrow, and others wide enough for a street party.

It was nice driving a lane that had very little usage, there was however evidence of abuse, although limited as some numpties had driven off-piste and along the grass verges in an attempt to make a mess, they had succeeded.  Looking closely, it was a combination of 4x4 tyres and motorbike.

After around 15 minutes I had reached the end and found that the gate at this side had been pulled off, I assume it had been illegally locked judging by the state of it. Overall It's an easy lane that appears not to have been used that often, but with over use I can see some of the narrow sections becoming a bit tricky.