A Mooch Up North…

Do you ever have one of those days when from the moment you get up it’s destined to go wrong?  Well, today wasn’t a full on ‘destined to go wrong’ type of day, just a mild one.

You see, I had been wanting to drive a couple of green lanes in the North Yorkshire Moors for a while, and because it was few days after New Year and I was still off from school (school counsellor, not a pupil), I decided today would be it.  Not that I needed one, but another reason I chose today was parked outside Muddy Towers was the formidable AT35 D-Max pick-up that Isuzu had kindly lent me to review.

Unfortunately, Muddy Madam hadn’t slept a wink the previous night, so I figured I’d be a good husband and let her sleep in for most of the morning.  When she eventually arose from the pit, she was groggy, and groggier than normal.  Then, when we eventually left the house and joined the M6, around Lancaster it was slow with a lane blocked due to major roadworks.  

Leaving the M6 at Lancaster we turned right onto the A683 & A687 and headed towards the A65.  

Not forgetting that this was early January and around 1.00pm-ish, I was chasing the sun.  I don’t know if I was being overly ?? but I knew it wouldn’t be there for long, so I had to get a move on.  It was then that Muddy Madam declared she was hungry and pointed to a Deli that we’d just passed.  15 minute later we were back on the road and heading towards Hawes on the B6255 then back on ourselves on Beggarmans Road until we reached Cam High Road.

Of course by this time, the sun was disappearing, but we were here, and I was going to drive this green-lane!

Putting the AT35 into 4WD low, we toddled off in 2nd low with the snow crunching beneath the 315/70R17’s.  Stopping for photos, local sheep almost surrounded us as they recognised the clatter of a diesel, obviously thinking it was teat time - sadly it wasn’t, and off we trundled again.

Weather-wise we were fortunate, the sky was clear and the views breathtaking, though that could have something to do with the sudden drop in temperature to minus figures.

As Muddy Madam jumped out to open and shut the first gate, we came across a fellow explorer in his pick-up, and after the usual acknowledgment in the guise of nod and “Afternoon, it’s a bit cold innit?”, we went our separate ways.

The road began it’s steady decline and the AT35 took it all in its stride, there wasn’t even a hint of sliding on the steepest section, the truck always felt safe and in control.

A little further down we came across 2 more vehicles, and although none of us knew it at the time, we all frequent the same Facebook page, ‘Green Laners Reloaded’.  After another quick chat about heaters and heated seats, which the AT35 has, we went our separate ways.

By this time the sun had disappeared behind us and we had to rely on headlamps to see where we were going.

As we reached the crossroads we had 3 options, carry on towards Bainbridge, turn left onto Crag Side Road and it’ll take you to Countersett, or left onto High Lane and heads towards Burtersett and the Hawes, we chose the latter.

As it was getting dark and we didn’t know the lanes, we opted to leave them for another time.